Proposals (practical references) on the organization of internal quality control and safety of medical care in a healthcare organization (in-patient hospital)

Internal quality and safety control is the basic one determining the overall efficiency of the quality control system and the medical care safety.

Proposals were developed by FBGU “Center of Monitoring and Clinical and Economic Inspection of State Medical Care Control Department within the framework of the state assignment using published materials on the quality and safety of medical care.

The presented References contain approaches to the formation and the operation of the system of internal control and safety management in healthcare organizations.

When developing the Recommendations, the following methods were used: patient pointing, process approach, risk-management, continuous quality improvement, etc.

There are 11 main streams for ensuring the quality and safety of medical care emphasized. For each of the main stream indicators (grouped together) are identified, which at the same time are both targets for the day-to-day work of the medical organization, and criteria for their evaluation.

Apart from qualitative criteria quantitative indicators are proposed, which can be used in order to form a system of quality monitoring and medical care safety in a healthcare organization.

The References are intended to be used by the medical directors in healthcare organizations (hospitals).


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