Currently, within the framework of the implementation of the main educational programs in the FBGU Center of Monitoring and Clinical and Economic Inspection organizes part-time correspondence courses of postgraduate vocational training in the following programs:

  • "Quality management in health care" (144 hours),
  • "Expert activity in the field of continuous improvement of the quality of medical care" (144 hours),
  • "Medical activity standarts, Medical technologies" (144 hours),
  • "Organization of activities related to trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances" (72/144 hours)
  • "Expert activity in the field of occupational fitness, preliminary and periodic medical examinations" (72/144 hours)
  • Examination of temporary incapacity for work (72 hours)
  • "Safety of the use of medicines and organization of the pharmacovigilance system" (144 hours)
  • "Quality Management in the Management and Economics of Pharmacy" (144 hours)
  • "Quality control of the organization of preventive activity of outpatient clinics at the present stage" (72/144 hours)
  • "Methods of organizing and conducting clinical trials of medicines" (144 hours)

At the end of the course, the final certification is conducted, on the basis of which specialists receive state-recognized documents: a certificate of short-term professional development, a certificate of professional development, a certificate of a specialist operating throughout the territory of the RF. 

The FBGU Center of Monitoring and Clinical and Economic Inspection of the RF Control of Health Care organises and conducts the following seminars and master classes: 

  • Seminar "Quality management of laboratory service",
  • Seminar "Quality and risk management in medical institutions."
  • Master-class "Building effective management in a medical organization."
  • Seminar "On the procedure for preparing documents for the purposes of state registration of medicines. Clinical trials of medicinal preparations. "
  • Seminar "On the procedure for preparing documents for the purposes of state registration of medicinal preparations."
  • Seminar "Clinical trials of medicines."
Our targeted audience:
  • medical staff working in health care facilities (doctors of various specialties, nurses, paramedics)
  • employees (pharmaceutics, pharmacists) of pharmaceutical organizations (pharmacies, wholesale organizations)
  •  specialists and employees of organizations – medicines producers
  •  specialists and engineering staff of organizations acting in the field of the medicinal preparations circulation
  • managers and specialists of health authorities, regulatory and supervisory bodies
Our advantages:

  • The specialists with a long work experience work and profound knowledge of the RF legislation work in the educational and methodological department of the Center, among which there are 4 holders of Habilitation degree in Medicine, 1 candidate of pharmaceutical science, directly involved in the development of laws, regulations in the field of health care, circulation of medicines and medical products.
  • Qualification of our teachers allows us to implement educational, scientific, social projects at the highest level.
  • We always develop and introduce new educational technologies; steadily we look forward to improving education in quality. The topic of our courses of thematic improvement is always relevant.
  • The information about us is widely spread outside Moscow and the Moscow region. Moreover, every forth of our students is from different regions of Russian Federetion.
  • We have experience working with audience of different size, groups of listerners from 10 to 100 people. 
  • Different forms of studies are held (on-site trainings, distant courses).
Training courses costs are competitive in the market of similar services, and there is also a flexible system of discounts.

Necessary documents: 
In order to complete a training course  within the chosen program in FBGU "Center of Monitoring and Clinical and Economic Inspection" of RF Health Care Ministery, first of all, you should send us  a completed application for legal entities / an application for individuals, electronically (without printing and signing) to the email address: or
Acoording to your application for training cours a contract is constituted and an accvount is drown up. You have to send us a payment order with a bank note (treasury) by fax  +7 (495) 698-42-09. 
You also need to bring us by personal attendance a number of documents on the first day of classes. Send them by fax is not necessary: 
  • an application form for companies and an application form for an individual (all sections must be completed, the application must be signed by the head of the institution (company), it should be stamped by the institution. Individuals need only the signature of the applicant.)
  • An application form
  • listener ID
  • A copy of the diploma of higher medical education certified in the personnel department
  • A copy your work record book (the first page and a record of the current place of work), certified in the HR-department
  • A payment document with the bank note or a letter of guarantee
Aditionally, it is necessary to prepare a report on different subjects and textes. 
The main activity:
The FBGU "Center of Monitoring and Clinical and Economic Inspection" has a title to the implementation f educational activities on September 14, 2012 in accordance with the license issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Administration of Education of Russia No. 0336. 
The academic department within the Center actively has been working on the market of providing services for 10 years and has undoubted advantages in comparison with competitors, suppliers of similar services on the market of additional professional training for specialists with higher and secondary medical and pharmaceutical education.
If you have questions related to documents for training courses, please contact us by phone  +7 (495) 980-29-35, by fax  +7 (495) 698-42-09, or by e-mail
Contact person: Head of Department Dushina Galina Matveevna and Сustomer Care Manager Chmutina Elena Vladislavovna.


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